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Numerical Analysis of 3 Dimentional Heat Transfer in TWT’s Collector with Input Power of 900 and 3000 W
Traveling wave tube (TWT) is one of microwave amplifier devices. The five main elements of this vacuum microwave amplifier are electron gun, slow wave structure (SWS), RF input and output connectors , magnet focusing system and the collector. An electron beam emitted from the electron gun, passes through SWS to exchange some of its energy with electromagnetic wave and finally is collected at the end part of tube known as collector. The electron beam energy is dissipated at collector as thermal energy. The collector consists of internal body that separates by electric isolator ceramics from outer body. The goal of this research is to obtain temperature contour in collector and thermal optimization in presence of ceramic with various materials. Electron beam power distribution in internal body of collector is simulated by CST software and the thermal analysis of the TWT’s collector with ceramics that their heat conduction coefficient are variable with temperature has been carried out using ANSYS-CFX. In these simulation the ceramic materials are AL2O3, BeO and ALN and The results are compared. It has been seen that there is optimized temperature distribution in presence of BeO ceramic as electric isolator. The results are validated by temperature measuring in experiment.
Shiraz University
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc. Thesis in Mechanical Engineering
(Energy Conversion)

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Numerical Analysis of 3 Dimentional Heat Transfer in TWT’s Collector with Input Power of 900 and 3000 W
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1 Traveling Wave Tube(TWT)
2 AL2O3
3 BeO
5 Traveling Wave Tube
6 Radio Frequency
7 Slow Wave Structure
8 brazing
9 Viscous Dissipation
10 CFX Expression Language

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11 Depress system
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