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Improvement of traveling wave waveguide slot array antenna for reducing side lobe level and cross polarzation
Mohammad Hadi Moradi Ardekani
Slot antennas were introduced around 1943 at the Mc Gill University. Simple structure, high efficiency and linear polarization of these radiators make them popular for many radar applications. For vertical polarization and wide scan angle, the slots on the narrow side of the waveguides are used. A common form of these slots are inclined slots. coupling between the adjacent elements affects considerably the side lobe level. For the slots in the narrow side of the waveguide, an accurate formulation is not available since the extension of the slot lengths into the wide side part of the waveguide, makes the analytical analysis difficult. In this case results of measurements are usually used which are costly. In this work using CST – Microwave Studio CAD tool which is a full wave numerical field solver, the conductances and resonant lengths of the slots are calculated taking the coupling effects into account by adopting periodic boundary condition. A curve of conductance for different elements is provided and is used for the design of a travelling wave slot array with low side lobe level.The inclination of the slots increases the cross polarization. In this worka non-inclined slot type is proposed which presents much lower cross polarization. The proposed structure is easy to fabricate and has the advantage of being tunable with low sensitivity to fabrication tolerances. In this case also a design curve is provided for the slot conductances , which takes the mutual couplings between the slots into account.The designed array using this type of slot is compared with the inclined design to show the improvement of the cross polarization.
Keywords : slot array , side lobe level , cross polarization , traveling wave
Shiraz University
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
M.S. Thesis in Communication Engineering
Imrovment of traveling wave waveguide slot array antenna for reducing side lobe level and cross polarization
Mohammad Hadi Moradi Ardekani
Supervised by
Dr. H. Abiri
September 2012
4Signal processing
5Phase array
7Beam forming
8Slot waveguide array
9Standing wave
10Travelling wave
11Inclined slot
12Side lobe level
13Cross polarization
16- Band width
17- Return loss
18 – Radiation pattern
19- Far field
20- Isotropic
21- Directional

سایت ما حاوی پایان نامه های زیادی است – می توانید جستجو کنید :

22- Omni directional
23- Directivity
24- Gain
25-Poynting Vector
28Linear array
29Uniform array
30Main lobe
31Grating lobe
32 Free space wave length
36Planar array
37Babinet’s principle
39Travelling wave
40Standing wave
41Matched circuit
42Matched load
43Sub array
44Green function
45Mutual coupling
46Mechanical scan
47Electrical scan
50Phase shifter
52End feed
53Short circuit
54Parabolic reflector
55Smith chart
56Normalized factor
57Open circuit
58Horizontal polarization
59Perpendicular polarization
60Sum port
61Difference port
62Hybrid scan
63Inclined slot

مطالب مشابه در سایت


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66Beam forming
69Sensitivity analysis

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